About Us

1. Background

a. Company History

Stemulite is a driving force in the procurement industry. We attribute this success to our commitment to maximum efficiency and personalized service.

Well-designed sourcing initiatives can generate substantial savings—up to 8 to 15 percent of a company’s purchasing costs. We work closely with our clients to deliver and sustain those cost improvements, improve cross-functional collaboration, develop new capabilities and more streamlined processes, and build stronger, more productive supplier relationships.

Stemulite, together with Associate Members of SABOA who have been identified as strategic partners, provide value-added services and competitive pricing in respect of a wide range of quality products, services and financial assistance to members of SABOA.

Stemulite will create growth opportunities and options for its strategic partners and bus operators through a win-win relationship amongst all participants.

Stemulite has identified the establishment of a fund as a strategic objective to assist SABOA members financially, in future. A percentage of the benefit of bulk purchasing will be channelled towards this fund.

Strategic sourcing and projects is key to the procurement process which adds value by improving and re-evaluating the purchasing activities.
b. Values

Our work is always intended to provide a clear benefit to the organizations we work with in both the short and long term. We focus our resources, leverage our local scale, and drive excellence in all we do while enhancing our partner-like culture to ensure we are collaborative, authentic, and forward-thinking.

c. Business goals & objectives

Excellence:  We act professionally. We set challenging goals, encouraging innovation and speed, and strive to get it right the first time. We share, learn and improve continuously.
Understanding: We grow our knowledge and gain customer intimacy by understanding their business. We are led by facts and measure what we do.
Long Term Goal: We envisage serving the vast majority of the bus and coach industry in South Africa through our cost benefit scheme.

d. Business competitiveness

Stemulite is the procurement market leader in the bus industry.  By growing our knowledge and gain customer intimacy by understanding their business, measure what we do and be led by facts, we intend to keep the Status Quo. 


e. Association

Stemulite is an associate member of SABOA. Stemulite is a procurement supplier which facilitate and manage cost saving benefits and services, as agreed.


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