Strategic Partners

 Through the efforts of Stemulite, strategic relationships have been formed with various manufacturers and suppliers in the bus and coach industry to offer bus and coach operator’s competitive pricing in respect of a wide range of quality products, services and financial assistance. 

Stemulite will create growth opportunities and options for its strategic partners through a win-win relationship among all partners.

Stemulite, through a Memorandum of Understanding, contracted the following suppliers, as

Strategic Partners:




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Africoach has developed to become Southern Africa’s largest supplier of Bus & Coach Body Parts and Accessories. By continually innovating and providing our customers with the latest quality products from around the world we have become the preferred supplier for many of Southern Africa’s OEM’s, Re-Furbishers and Fleet Operators alike.


Whether you own a local or imported bus we strive to keep the most comprehensive range of parts, including SABS approved windscreens, to meet every customers need.

All our Parts are imported directly from manufacturers around the world to ensure pricing remains competitive. We continually strive to ensure our prices remain the most competitive in the industry.




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Our Mandate - To foster the establishment, survival and growth of SMMEs and thereby contributing towards poverty alleviation and job creation.

Vision - To be the leading catalyst for the development of sustainable Survivalist, Micro, Small and Medium enterprises through the provision of finance.

• Our mission is to provide access to finance to Survivalist, Micro, Small and Medium businesses throughout South Africa by:
• Delivering wholesale and direct lending;
• Providing credit guarantees to Small, Medium and Micro businesses;
• Supporting the institutional strengthening of Financial Intermediaries so that they can be effective in assisting SMMEs;
• Creating strategic partnerships with a range of institutions for sustainable SMMEs development and support;
• Monitoring the effectiveness and impact of our financing, credit guarantee and capacity development activities;
• Developing (through partnerships) innovative finance products, tools and channels to catalyse increased market participation in the provision of affordable finance.







































































































































The Southern African Bus Operators’ Association (SABOA) was formed to represent the interest of the industry at government level as well as among its stakeholders. Its history can be divided into three distinct time phases.

The following vision guides the activities of the Association:
“SABOA is the credible voice of an inclusive, efficient, sustainable and transforming bus industry, which plays a pivotal role in an integrated transport system through safe, reliable and affordable bus services that add value, and is attractive to our stakeholders.”




















































































































































Engen in South Africa focuses on the downstream refined petroleum products market and related businesses. The company's core functions are the refining of crude oil, the marketing of our primary refined petroleum products and the provision of convenience services via our extensive retail network.


At Engen our values are consciously held and consistently applied. They are the standards of excellence we strive to achieve as a successful business and a responsible corporate citizen. We also believe they are part of our difference and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our actions are driven by these values:


We demonstrate ethical, fair and transparent behaviour. Our actions earn trust and respect from others.


We are responsible and accountable for our actions and performance. We are committed to continuously finding new and better ways to deliver value to the business.


Employees have the capability, authority and resources to act and perform in their jobs. Employees are developed to be competent in their current jobs and their potential is developed to meet the current and future needs of the company.


We work together as one team to realise Engen's Vision - to the benefit of the whole organisation.


We actively pursue, define, measure and recognise excellence in all business activities.

































































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The Fogmaker System


Fogmaker is a high-pressure fire suppression system utilising water mist specifically developed for engine compartments and enclosed spaces - which is where most fires in vehicles start.

The Fogmaker system is ideal for engine compartments and other enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces, and is particularly suitable for machines where space to mount a storage cylinder is limited,as is the case with most commercial vehicles, construction and underground mining machines.

Our suppression system has a unique extinguishing performance as it both cools down and chokes the fire, at the same time as the foam additive effectively prevents the fire from re-igniting.

Water mist generated under high pressure through patented specialised nozzles, has superior extinguishing capabilities in engine compartments compared to traditional low-pressure foam systems. The special nozzles creates microdrops with an average size of 50 μm. One drop of water typically 1mm in diameter is converted to 8 000 of these micro drops!

How the Fogmaker system works

1.      Accumulator: Containing the extinguishing fluid pressurized to 100-105 bar with nitrogen. The extinguishing fluid and nitrogen is separated by a patented piston.

2.      Distribution system: The accumulator is connected to a distribution system by a high pressure hose and steel pipe. The nozzles are strategically placed within the engine compartment to target high risk parts.

3.      Detector bottle: Provides pressure for the Loss-of-Pressure detection system. Pressurized to between 24 and 31 bar.

4.      Detection tube: Strategically placed within the engine compartment, this polymer tube ruptures when the heat of a fire comes in contact with it.

5.      Patented release valve: The piston accumulator, distribution system and detection systems are inter-linked via the patented valve. This valve keeps the piston accumulator closed when the pressure in the detector bottle is normal.

6.      Detection tube: If there is a fire, the detection tube bursts, the pressure falls in the detection system and the valve in the piston accumulator opens.

7.      Alarm panel: Mounted in the driver compartment provides the driver with information and status of the system.

8.      Patented nozzles: The extinguishing fluid is pressed through the distribution system’s nozzles and a water mist is spread quickly throughout the compartment to be protected.

9.      Audible alarm: Provides the driver and passengers with an audible warning of a fire.

10.  Alarm light: Provides the driver and passengers a visual alarm of a fire.

Typical configuration of the Fogmaker System


1 litre of extinguishing fluid absorbs 540 000 kilocalories and
produces 1700 litres of water mist at the same time.


The Fogmaker system has been developed to suppress fire with the help of three simple but essential mechanisms which control fire

The water mist fire suppression attacks all three components of the fire triangle: Oxygen, Heat and Fuel, as the water mist reaches everywhere within the protected area to ensure the suppression of the fire and the elimination of the factors that could result in re-ignition.


In the evaporation process, the water mist cools the burnt gases and hot surfaces in the engine compartment. One calorie is needed to warm one gram of water by 1 °C but requires 540 times more calories to evaporate the same quantity from + 0 °C to vapour. The effective cooling contributes to a rapid extinguishing and reduces the risk for re-ignition.


The small water drops evaporate immediately upon contact with heat. In the evaporation, 1 litre of water forms 1700 litres of water vapour. The expanding vapour displaces oxygen present in the engine compartment and prevents a new supply of oxygen to the fire.


The Fogmaker system includes a low concentration of environmentally friendly AFFF, (Aqueous Film Forming Foam). This foam coats the fuel, preventing its contact with oxygen, suppressing its combustion.



























































































































































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